Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am only updating in pairs lately...

Here is the most recent stuff... and stories.  Last Saturday Josh and I went to Toys R Us so that I could buy some hot wheels for Dresden to reward him with good behavior.  This kid is loves anything with wheels!  Anyway, he found hidden in the corner of a store a little push riding thingy (for this storied purposes, we will just call it "pushie".  Once he set eyes on this pushie he wouldn't let it go.  He took it everywhere with him in the store.  We tried to find one in a box, but upon asking a sales rep we found out it was discontinued.  Thankfully for us though, the manager allowed us to purchase the floor model at 50% off!  This pushie is now his latest appendage.  We even had to take it with us to the park on Sunday!  It is heavy.
Speaking of park on Sunday, we went to the Olympic Park in Atlanta since Josh hasn't been yet.  The weather was humid, but really nice.  On the paths of the park, there are huge engraved numbers.  Whenever we see numbers I always ask him to point ones out.  He usually is not consistent so I yet yet to see proof of his knowledge of them.  Maybe because it was a Sunday, but he pointed out each number correctly as we asked him!  We got a bit of it on video.  I have to say it was a proud moment for Josh and I.  Even today, we were coloring and I drew shapes on a piece of paper (diamond, square, oval, circle, star, rectangle, and triangle).  I asked him where each one was and he got every one of them right!  I always worry that he was behind because he was delayed in talking and walking, but this has put me at ease. Now if I can get him on the alphabet!  He knows his vowels, but has yet to show me he knows all the ABCs.
Enough of my rambling... You want to see pictures!  Here you go:
First off is a video of Dresden I took on my phone.  I was cooking dinner, look over and he had climbed up on the chair and pretended to read the CrockPot user manual.  I couldn't resist filming him.

 The "pushie"
 He never goes on the toddler jungle gyms. The higher he is the more fun he has I guess.
 Video of Dresden at the park

And last but not least, the pirate patch he loves to wear, but not over his eye.

I know I am a slacker this summer...

Ok, yes we are still alive and kicking!  Sorry for all of you who depend upon our blog for updates, but I have been short of pictures and time.  I have recently discovered that taking pictures of Dresden has become a chore.  Not only do we have a huge and awkward camera, but it is so hard to get Dresden to ignore that I have a camera in his face.  Also I am very guilty of forgetting the camera while I am out.  No 4th of July pictures... Sorry!
Speaking of 4th of July, we had such a wonderful time at the Mounts!  We got to see fireworks, eat lots of good food, and see some questionable dance moves (j/k!).  I seriously have never heard of Lady Gaga's song "Born This Way", but after that weekend, I couldn't get Allan's version out of my head (I know I wasn't the only one).  It rained a little here and there all weekend on the lake, but at least Dresden got to swim in the toilet!  (Funny story...).
Here are some pictures from around that time...

Dresden loves to put Daddy's hats on

 And he also loves messing up my phone.  The other day he had sent and email, a text, and changed my background picture!  This kid is too smart for my own good. :)

I figured that after it had rained I could get some pictures of Dresden splashing around in the puddles... that only lasted a few seconds.  Then it was back and forth the wasp-infested gazebo... perfect.